Let's Practice Together Let's Practice Together
  • ISBN: 1597771147
  • ISBN-13: 9781597771146
  • Format: MP3/PDF
  • Print Length: 83
  • Running Time: Over 3 Hrs
  • Price: $ 7.99

This is a practice course for beginners and elementary students of English. It provides practice in the pronunciation of English sounds, word stress and intonation through a wide variety of exercises.
The CD portion includes over 3 hours of exercises to improve pronunciation and speaking skills. It makes important structures of English simple for anyone to understand and master.

In this book you will find:
*Practice with over 1800 sentences and questions.
*Useful sentences and questions for every day communication.

What you should expect:
*To master your daily conversation.
*To get your message across more clearly and effectively.
*To increase your self-confidence.
*To improve your reading and writing.